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Methley Striders   No runner left behind!
Our Club Code of Conduct.
Methley Striders is a friendly and welcoming club that encourages all members to thrive within a safe and nurturing running environment.  We hope that all our members will behave in a manner that promotes positive ‘sportmanship’ and act in a way that is respectful to all others.  This document sets out our expectations for members to abide by.  By joining us as an England Athletics Affiliated member or as a guest, you are agreeing to abide by these expectations.
The Code of Conduct is created for the safety and benefit of the club itself, its members and guests. The code is no more than a formalisation of the basic principles of decency, good manners and common sense that the Club would expect from all its members. It covers how its members should act when participating at training sessions, athletics meetings, races, external associated events and social occasions. It accompanies the club constitution that has been written in line with guidance from England Athletics.
When running as a club the members have obligations to:
•The Club – to behave in a manner that represents Methley Striders positively.
•Ourselves – in terms of our safety and well-being
•All other athletes and the community – by assuring that our behaviour does not threaten the safety of others and promotes well-being and friendship.
Club Member’s Responsibilities to the Club.
Behave in a manner that will maintain the reputation of the Club.
Show courtesy by paying attention during training and club briefings.
Show respect to fellow athletes, coaches, officials, guests.
Ensure that language and behaviour is free from discrimination to others.
Be diligent when attending training sessions with regards safety for themselves and others.
Ensure annual subscriptions and race entry fees are paid promptly, including England Athletics affiliation fees where appropriate.
Advise the club of any medical condition or injury that may affect their own or others safe participation. This can be done by speaking to our Welfare Officers, Jo Hagan and / or Heather Gill.
Advise the Club Captains if you are unavailable to attend team races.
When representing the club at competitions, athletes must wear club vest. 
Responsibilities of the Club Committee, Coaches and Leaders.
Encourage members to adhere to the code.
Provide a structure to enable members to participate and develop as athletes.
Provide a coaching infrastructure that complies with UK Athletics Child and Adult Protection procedures.
Foster and implement an inclusive atmosphere to allow access to runners of all abilities.
Club Training Sessions and promoted events.
The club provides a varied programme of coaching which caters for the full spectrum of athletic ability, that is, sessions for social group to faster training sessions. These sessions are for the enjoyment and development of club members. They are not unofficial competitions and members are expected to treat them accordingly, paying attention to the safety of others at all times.
Club sessions are normally held every Thursday, starting from Methley WMC at 7pm.  Speed and Hill sessions are available on a Tuesday evening organised and led by Kevin Chippendale. Members are also encouraged to attend Parkrun, in order to participate in the club parkrun championship.
Development of the club.
The committee and founding members of the club is committed to development based on member feedback.  Suggestions for development will be gratefully received and will be discussed at committee and training meetings.  Members are expected to respect that the committee is giving a significant amount of time for the club to thrive; Suggestions are expected to be made in a respectful manner.  
The Committee operates a procedure that allows members or their representative to raise a complaint about the safe or efficient running of the Club.
Complaints must initially be addressed in writing to the Club Secretary (Sarah Clough), with a copy to the Club Chairperson (Alison Smith). Such complaints will be discussed at the following month’s committee meeting. Consultations may also take place with the Club Welfare Officers (Jo Hagan and Heather Gill).
Social Media.
Anyone using the Methley Strider social media pages must do so with respect and integrity at all times.  These are to promote running and achievements.  The group admin reserve the right to refuse posts that are not in line with this and / or any arguementative and potentially disrespectful posts and comments.
As a club, Methley Striders will not allow posts promoting businesses unless the business is running related and only when a business has approached the committee for approval.  Methley Striders cannot accept responsibility for experiences beyond our organisation and club infr-structure.
Members must also be respectful of the club when posting on their personal social media pages.
Breaches of the Code of Conduct.
Any breaches of the code of conduct will invoke disciplinary procedures as determined by the Committee. This may result in temporary/permanent exclusion from the training sessions, representing the club at races or expulsion from the Club.  If this is the case, no repayment of fees will be made.
July 2017