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“I was a member of another club for 25 years, but I lost interest had no motivation and was on the verge of packing it in.  Then Alison, Sarah and Jo had the crazy idea of starting a new club in Methley. I gave it a try and pretty soon all my interest came back.  The girls with the help of the committee have set up a culture of friendliness, encouragement and a level of professionalism I have never seen anywhere in a club run by volunteers.  Well done Methley Striders, may our success continue.”
Derek M
“I lost interest in running due to injury and my former running club weren’t very supportive with slower runners.  I decided to take the plunge and joined Methley striders and I’ve never looked back. The committee members are so welcoming that they will go over and talk to new members and help to put them at ease by explaining the different routes.  I have met some really nice people and joining Methley Striders is the best thing I ever did.”
Sam S
“I’d been a lone runner for over 15 years and had considered joining a running club many times but didn’t feel I could quite fit it in with work and family commitments.  Then I found out a running club had set up right on my doorstop (I live in Methley!) so  I went along to my first club run and felt so welcome and supported that I signed up there and then as an affiliated member.  I recently ran VLM (my first marathon) and the support I got from my fellow Striders was overwhelming…. all those miles of training would have been SO much harder had I still been that lone runner!  I’m now a Run Leader and Committee Member and am so proud to be a part of the Methley Strider family!”
Linda T
“First running club I have ever joined and I have never looked back, amazing people that support you all the way with running.  I struggle with running but the support I have had over the last 10 months has brought me so far.  I ran a half marathon which I never thought I would ever do and I have lots more races to run…. and I have made some great friends too!”
Helen V
Methley Striders are part of my life now.  We all have one thing in common which means we can give the correct support when needed.  The social side of the club is fab and l have made some lovely friends.  I have built up the confidence to do different runs knowing at least some of the team will support me when l get there.  It is one big running family where everyone is treated equally.”
Linda H
“Quite simply, joining MS has changed my life!  I never thought that I would/could be a runner, having struggled to master it on my own.  Joining MS was one of my best decisions ever and I am so glad I conquered my fear of joining a club. I just love everything about it, the support, the motivation, the expertise and most of all the friendship!”
Heather G
“I’d been running for a couple of years, mainly running on my own. I’d thought about joining a club but was worried I’d be ‘too slow’ or I’d be nervous in a large group.   Through the Striders, I’ve realised I’m not too slow- I’m just right!  I can always find a group who’s running at my pace and will keep me going.  On top of that, I’ve made lots of lovely new friends who I know will be friends for life!”
Jo H
“I heard about Methley Striders through a friend of a friend.  After trying out running for nearly a year I was bored of running alone.  I decided to give them a go, they sounded amazing, ‘a truly open to all club’, I wondered if it was too good to be true…?  It really wasn’t!  From my first night as a visitor, I signed up straight away, the team are so warm and welcoming.  Everyone was so friendly and it didn’t matter what pace I ran at (mine’s snail by the way!), there was a group for me.   Methley Striders have given me the confidence to call myself a runner and I am proud to be part of this club.”
Keira J
“After being made Club Captain for Methley Striders, the club has allowed me to help others in their own running journey and also progress my own.  The whole ethos of the Methley Striders is to support no matter what your running level is.”
“Before I was introduced to Methley Striders I had lost my love for running; it was getting harder and harder to get myself motivated to get out and run. Although I was in training for my 1st full marathon I had lost my mojo for running.  I needed to find a way to get me through this period and, after speaking to a couple of members, I decided to come along to club night.  From the moment I arrived I felt at home and was welcomed by many friendly faces.  The advice I have received has helped me to get back the love for running.  I can’t thank the club enough for what they have done for me, such a great bunch of guys.”
Paul H
“I am so proud to be a Strider.  Seeing our groups head off each week from the club and the support all our members show each in training, at social events and at races is second to none.  Methley Strider runners demonstrate a culture of genuine respect for all, regardless of pace, distance or achievement.  Each mile is celebrated with smiles! The Strider Pride is real…and it is very, very special!”
Alison S
“Running with Methley Striders is an absolute pleasure.   It doesn’t matter which group you go out with, they always make you feel welcome and I have met some lovely people!  Even when you enter races/runs it doesn’t matter where they are or how far away they are when you have your Striders shirt on people always approach you and speak to you even if they don’t know you! Thank you so much for all the help, support and encouragement… oh and the laughs as well ‘cos there are always plenty of them too!  Proud to be a Strider!”
Sue L